Friday, August 18, 2017

Scrap translucent clay Stroppel cane pictorial tutorial

I am putting here a pictorial tutorial for a translucent cane made out of scraps in a Stroppel cane technique.

We will need this cane for today's tutorial. I just thought of not making the video way too long, and the cane is not hard to make at all, so here it is.

Take whatever bits and pieces of various translucent you have, tinted or not. You can also mix bits and pieces of other colors with a bit of translucent. For this specific cane, try to stay in the yellow-orange-red range. Make sure you also have some bits of un-tinted translucent.

Before starting, place some paper towels on your work area and cover with waxed paper (or cling wrap if you don't have wax paper)

Chop your pieces fairly small

Once you chopped them, drop some alcohol inks over them. I used yellow, orange, maroon and a few drops of citrus green

Let them dry completely.
Once they are dry, chop them even finer and mix them well.

Take an equal amount of gold and translucent and mix them

Then run the mix through the pasta machine on thinnest setting, making an approximately rectangular sheet.

Place your chopped up pieces on the sheet, trying to cover the surface equally.

Uh! That looks like some kind of Mexican dish. I'm getting hungry!
Haha. Now cover with wax paper, and first press down a little with your fingers, then use the roller to spread the chopped pieces evenly on the gold/translucent sheet

Once you're done it should look like this:

Start coiling from one end, making sure that you don't trap air

Once you've done your spiral, squeeze it a little from the middle up, as in any other round log cane, to move out any air pockets

Then using your roller, make it into a square cane, reducing it a little in the process.

And this is how it looks. Of course, once it's baked, it will look gorgeous, when all that translucent becomes, well, translucent!

Now let it rest until we will need it, in a couple hours, for the tutorial that is coming soon on youtube.

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