Monthly sponsorship

Please use the button below if you wish to become my sponsor by paying a small amount each month, the same way as you would do with Patreon.I decided to leave Patreon because I had problems with their website, how unfriendly it is, the way that billing and payouts are set up (very inconveniently). their abysmal customer service and the fact that they aren't really doing anything for me as a creator to warrant the fairly steep fees that they take out of the creators' earnings (14%). They don't offer hosting for videos, or anything, just the capability of having a profile page and them acting as a middle man between the patrons paying and the creators being paid.

This being said, I will offer the same incentives as I was doing on Patreon.

Please, after you make your pledge, make sure to contact me because I need to add you as a friend on Facebook in order to be able to invite you to the group where I am hosting the tutorials for my sponsors. I will unfriend you as soon as I get you in the group, I do not like to impose myself in peoples' lives (of course, if you wish to be friends on facebook let me know or just send me an "add friend" back if I already unfriended you)

Let me know when you wish to stop your monthly support, so I can cancel the recurring payment.

All payments are made through Paypal.

Monthly sponsorship
If you become my sponsor, besides supporting me to be able to buy materials for tutorials, these are the rewards for my sponsors:

$1.00/month sponsorship
  • Patron-only polls - Every month I will gather your suggestions and put them together with my ideas and establish a list of possible tutorials for the month. I will publish the list in a poll and you will be able to vote on what I should make tutorials of for that month.
  • I will make a monthly drawing with my $1/month contribution patrons and the winner will receive a small tutorial in PDF format.
$5.00/month sponsorship

  • You will have access to tutorials just for my sponsors. The tutorials may be showing a special technique - it can be one I developed by myself, one that is known but I took it to new levels or found a new way of doing it, or one involving a new product on the market. There will be at least 2 tutorials a month. The tutorials may be in the form of videos or PDF files. 
  • You will be part of my discussion group, where you can ask me any questions you might have
  • Plus all previous rewards

 $10.00/month sponsorship

  • Once a month you will be able to participate in a live group google hangout for a live tutorial. You will need a webcamera for that. That way you can see exactly what I'm doing and ask questions, and I will be able to see how you are doing and give you advice, live.
  • Every two months, participate in a drawing to win any of the creations I made in those two months. The winner gets to pick which of my creations.
  • Plus all previous rewards
Thank you so much for your support!

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