About me

It would be too much to say or too little. So I'll try to sum it up.

- I'm over 50 years old. Well, more towards 60 now.
- I live in Oklahoma, and I have three furbabies:

Whisper, a Whippet/Italian Greyhound mix dog,

Seamus, a short-haired cat (that I suspect of having some British shorthair in the ancestry) and

Conor, a Maine Coon mix cat.

Conor is the one you see at the end of my videos, with the "like and subscribe" message. Yes, he really sits like that and watches movies. Especially if said movies are documentaries about wildlife. The other cat, the short-haired, Seamus, loves to watch polymer clay tutorials.

- I'm a breast cancer survivor for close to 8 years now. Because of life-time side effects of cancer treatment, also
- I'm disabled. I mean real deal disabled. I have several conditions that make me that way. The two most important ones that affect the love between polymer clay and me are chronic pain and nerve damage in my hands. So it might happen that I can show you how to do stuff but I wouldn't be able that day to do it properly.
- I like gardening.

- I'm a gamer. I mean, real deal MMO gamer. The past few years I've played Guild Wars 2. Didn't have time to play for a couple of months or so though. This return to creating is taking all my time.

- Also, related to that, I've been pretty much a nerd all my life. I am still quite a "techie" and very conversant with SEO and integration and all that. Sometime in my past, when there were no "ready-made", I used to make a quite comfortable living designing, developing, maintaining and optimizing websites.
- I'm also a nerd in other areas - like quantum physics, for example, or philosophy, or theory of communication, and even history of religions. I'm fascinated by history and cultures. and what is called now "ethnoarchaeology" (been on it a couple decades before they put a name to it). I do have a few academic degrees under my belt but got those for purposes of knowledge, not to show off.
- I speak several languages
- I studied Fine Arts for 8 years.  From painting (I mean watercolor, oil, etc) to drawing to sculpting to restoring antiques to home decorating and industrial design. I studied it all.
- I took a long break from creating anything due to medical and life issues. I'm slowly coming back to it. Well maybe not so slowly, haha
- I've sculpted a lot, starting with regular clay - about... Gosh, 40 something years ago? Goodness I'm old. Then as new stuff came along, I tried it. I think I tried polymer clay sometime in the early 90s. I started back on it about 10 years ago doing OOAK dolls, mostly. I remember I bought 3 "bricks" of clay and my first sculpture was done with a needle, a toothpick and my fingers. Ah, and a cuticle cutter, it was a mermaid. I still have it.Then I just sculpted all kinds of fairies, trolls, mermaids, pixies, baby fairies.

Then I discovered that jewelry can be made with polymer clay. Truth be told, for a long time I still did the jewelry by sculpting it, not using all kinds of techniques. I still fall on that from time to time when I'm not paying attention.

- You can call me Day. I chose "Kalyana" because in sanskrit it means both "beautiful" and "auspicious".

- Due to being disabled, my only income is the social security disability. Hence the donation button on the home page. Sometimes it's hard for me to budget even for buying the polymer clay I need for the tutorials. So you can help - if you want more interesting tutorials.
You can either: use the donation button on here; become my sponsor (check that page); or access my wish list on Amazon (link to the right too) and just get anything that's on my wish list - it will be shipped directly to me with no confidential information exchanged. Then you'll also have access to even more interesting tutorials. You can also buy my pieces from my online store - either my unique creations or sometimes even the pieces I made during the tutorials, I'm in the process of slowly  uploading every day (or at least I try to do it every day).

- Hi! Nice to meet you!!!

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