Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Enamel testing

Finally the video is uploaded, waiting for the response from the manufacturer. I did extensive testing on this low temp enamel. I am thrilled. It is an enamel and it acts like one. A few things to consider when using it (hey, it's an enamel not a chalk pastel or an acrylic paint) but wonderful results can be achieved. Once I'm done with what I have to finish I will make a piece that will be a real piece not to be tested.

Also finally managed to upload the tutorial for my sponsors.

Taped half of the tutorial for tomorrow.

I got the printer in the afternoon but didn't even get around to unpack it. I didn't get to eat until 4 pm. Honestly I was a little bit wary about eating as I didn't want to get sleepy (which, now, I am. sigh) but I think I did accomplish a lot.My back muscles are BURNING though. I really need to drop everything and lay down.

Here's for you, some of the testing pieces. Yes they don't look that neat, because what I was interested in was the way it applies, how it reacts, colors, etc, not prettyness. I love it. There are two pieces of scrap clay that I tried to see the applying metallic waxes and acrylic how that goes, how cleaning of metallic waxes and acrylics from the enamel goes, etc etc etc. Enough said, you'll see a pretty piece soon. Until then, this is how it looks like. Finally. A REAL ENAMEL that works on polymer clay. That we can buy here in the US!!!


  1. I read that this enamel must be cured at 150 C which I think translates to 302F. Did you find this to be a problem with any of your polymer? Thank you!

    1. No, not at all. Remember it goes on polymer already baked. If you tent the piece you should be just fine. I have a small convection oven and use a ceramic casserole dish to bake my pieces, I never needed tenting or anything. Polymer clay will be fine at a higher temperature (of course not too high)for a little while. You can also go for a 285F-290F and just add an extra half an hour. I'm a little late in posting the final review because I had some health issues and lots of dr. appointments that ate into my time, but I promise it's coming soon.


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