Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Stop feeling guilty for the mess - you're an artist!

Something that I have noticed since I was a teen (and that was a subject of contention between me and Mom).

Super organization, tidy drawers, everything set nicely in pretty folders and arranged by size in drawers, go hand in hand with a mind that lacks creativity.

Creation has always been the result of something that went outside of the order and organized patterns.

Evolution was always that step outside the set perimeter of steps necessary to evolve, that primordially essential step in the other direction.In my life,

I have never encountered someone who was a real creator, who had a nice and tidily organized studio.
I'm not talking about diagnosed OCD, that one in itself has a different aspect and overflows into the creative pattern, as would be the case of Yayoi Kusama.

I am talking about regular organization like that one done by an efficient secretary or administrative assistant: lots of drawers, folders, everything where it belongs.

People with that kind of studio are generally exceptional technicians, if you want. They make marvelously clean-cut and superbly finished pieces.But their creation process will always need a "helping tool".

For example, in the case of a painter, they'd be stuck using the same type of paint with the same type of effect because they saw it once, they learned it and it "looks good". But because of how their mind is shaped they'll never be able to get out of the pattern and try new things.

The same, for a polymer clay artist, it would be, let's say, the same type of textures and mica powders and cuts, the same type of canes, or the same type of using metal bezels.

Do their creations look good? Most likely, and some of them might even become famous "for their style".

But they're locked in a rut. If they want to create something different, they can't. Because their mind can't process information differently and can't find new solution. It's not their fault. That is how they're wired.

You don't believe me?

Would you believe science then?
Many studies have shown this direct correlation in the patterns of thinking and organization of one own's surroundings. Here's just one example from the Association of Psychological Science:

Tidy Desk or Messy Desk? Each Has Its Benefits:

So, if your work table is full of pieces of scrap, the two acrylic paint bottles you've tried something with yesterday and you always have to make room for your current project, don't be upset.

All the geniuses in the history of humankind were messy people.

You're not just an artist. You're a CREATOR.

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