Friday, September 29, 2017

Not a frequent poster lately, because....

Sorry for not being a frequent poster on the blog lately. I am working on a few too many things to find time to post here as well. But soon you will be reading more interesting things on the new website, as I am slowly populating it.

In the future, actually, you will find most of the instructional materials there, and here just various announcements, things that are going on, and various awesome, gorgeous or exciting things I find in my virtual travels on the world wide webz.

But yes, I finally got the website up and running, slowly organizing it (almost done, actually) and slowly installing more functionalities. The basic ones are actually up and running. What I still have to code and install are :

- the downloadable materials section (the paid tutorials doh). I want to do bundles and coupons, that takes a bit of coding.
- the member area - as in sponsor area. Even if you will have to register when you buy (it will be much easier for me to act in case something happens with your order on the way there if I have all information) that will be different from the sponsor-member area. That is where all the goodies will be for my sponsors.
- A solid photo gallery
- a few more gadgets, that are more or less my own benefit, because they pertain to SEO and social network interfacing.

Also, it's rained here for three days. That messed up my plans because what I had scheduled was mostly translucent clay-based and in high humidity it plaques.
Also, rainy weather increases  my level of pain.

Ok, to end this up, check this artist's dolls. They're beyond fabulous.

Alissa Filippova - the Dollery

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pushing buttons

I'm sorry, but I started finding really amusing how easily manipulated is copycat girl.

I got her to pull an all-nighter to "up" on me for the handful of 2-3 minutes long beginner videos - that honestly I had even forgotten I had scheduled to become public, they were essentially uploaded so I could populate the "for beginners" section on my website.

Now, copycat girl, let me tell you a secret: I got over 30 videos that are uploaded and unpublished. If I publish them all at once, what are you going to do? Work yourself to death to try to catch up?

Keep visiting here and my website. Yes, I can see you from the back end. But keep visiting, you never know what surprises I got in store from you.

Also, send my regards to the fiverr guys. Despite them recommending you (again) as one of their most successful clients, I politely declined (again) their offer to get me so many thousands of views and so many hundreds of subscribers in a week for only $50. See, not only do I consider myself a real artist that doesn't have to buy success, but I respect my sponsors too much to cheat them and buy views and subscribers instead of materials for tutorials.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

News that saddened me

Ok, maybe I shouldn't feel so affected emotionally. But I am.

Just thinking about how devastating it would be.

This morning in the subscription section of my youtube channel, a video popped up with the face of a youtuber I have been following. The title was "House gone". You can imagine I clicked on it right away.

She's not a big name - at least not that I know of. She only has 200+ subscribers. She posts sparingly. But I absolutely love the work she does. I have a soft spot for thing that look ancient, and she achieved the look.

Her house burned. She lost everything. I don't even understand how she could talk so calmly about it.

My heart weeps for her.

Friday, September 22, 2017

faux turquoise nugget beads and more

If you didn't manage to see my tutorial yesterday on youtube, here it is:

The nugget beads will be part of the necklace with the focal bead with blue background. Obviously, lol

Found online a company that makes leather stamping things. Not very expensive (walmart carries them too, so if you search on google shopping, or straight on walmart, you'll be able to get them for cheaper). They make all kinds of stamps, all kinds of models, and if you didn't know, the stamps for leather are deeply etched and the lines are very clear, so they're about the best that can be on polymer clay. Check them out. The company's name is Tandy Leather.

I'll have to swing by the Dollar tree and get a couple of shakers for the Sunday live. I'll be posting the necessary materials here in a jiffy, on the discussion board on my youtube channel as well as on the live event created - which I will share on my facebook page.

Slowly making way with the website. I am not happy with the overall design, but that might have to wait a day or two so I can start fiddling with the template. Right now I am more interested in what I am installing. Almost done setting up the image gallery, comments and a few other modules.
You will find soon sections in which all my youtube videos are grouped by categories, each with a small article attached, so you can find even more information than on the youtube tutorial.

If you follow my page on facebook, you know I have a dragon with a broken foot in the "emergency bay". Friend has this absolutely awesome wall decoration, one of the handsomest dragons I've seen. Some mishandling (which would be easy to happen as it's so HUGE) resulted in a broken foot. So I'm fixing it. Drill holes, put pins in, JB Weld and some loctite, 2 parts Apoxie and then some acrylic paint will make it so you won't be able to tell.

Maybe I'll post today one more tutorial. Not sure. We'll see. Got a lot on my plate and my hands are still hurting.

When I got the shot in the right wrist last month it was fine, and it helped. The shot in the left wrist though... it's still mighty bruised and not only I didn't get any relief, it actually hurts worse.

This is how the wrist around of the base of  my thumb looks like now. Sigh.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Busy-website-tutorials-lots of stuff

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I've been very very busy and trying to do many things while battling the fatigue. As I wrote in my past entry I had a lot on my plate. I started slowly getting the issues solved

Paperwork for the probate has been mailed.

Video recording software glitch has not been solved yet.

I did manage to wipe the old glitchy platform and rebuilt the website from zero. It's far from done, but for now there is a section that has some information for beginners. Still far from being finished, but it's a start.

I have a lot more to add, of course. But it's a lot to write and a lot of coding.

I did install the online store part but it's not set up yet. Hopefully in a couple of days. It will take a few days, definitely, to upload all the pieces I have for sale and the paid tutorials (the ones that are done, of course)

I am also going to install a photo gallery as well as the possibility that you leave comments on the site.

There will be a member area as well for my sponsors. No more having to deal with the whims of youtube and facebook.

Look out for a few tutorials on youtube that don't seem to be tying in to anything, just put out there - they are not.

I have posted the part 1 of "how to create wearable art". Well, all of these tutorials that follow will be necessary to create an element of one of the three necklaces. Also, for elements for pieces of the other mokume gane techniques that I have posted to date.

Also almost done with the series of tutorials for my sponsors for the month of September.

So yes, I have been very busy.  You are in for a lot of surprises, haha.

Not a frequent poster lately, because....

Sorry for not being a frequent poster on the blog lately. I am working on a few too many things to find time to post here as well. But soon ...